*Associate Ministers*

Our associate ministers play a vital part in our church family by supporting our pastor and our church body.  We are blessed to have various ministers providing many services to our members who are unable to attend our worship services and many other provisions due to various reasons.  Our associates are a blessing to our church family and communities.   

  *Deacons Ministry*

Our deacons are also a wonderful asset to our church body.  They too are very supportive of our pastor and church family.  They are available when ever needed and do an awesome job supporting the church family and community.  

*Trustee Ministry*

Our Trustees wear many hats in our church family and our community.  Their duties vary and are not only on Sunday but constant.  They take care of and maintain the "behind the scene" duties that we don't often think of or notice and they work faithfully, diligently, and never complain.  They are definitely always busy for us and we are grateful.  Job well done


*Music Ministries*

Our music ministries are strong and active.  We have a flavor for every taste.   On the first Sunday of each month our choirs unify an minister in song as one.  The Unity Choir also fellowship with other church families and we also accompany our Pastor on various occasions. 

If you like contemporary or gospel hip hop the 2nd Sunday of each month will bring spice to your musical appetite.  Our Youth Choir serves faithfully and is excited about their music ministry and worship for the Lord. 

Each 3rd Sunday our Inspiration Choir brings an awesome variety of songs to touch hearts and soul. 

If you like quartet and foot stomping old school then each 4th Sunday of the month will bring musical soul food to feed your taste buds.  Our awesome Male Chorus serves faithfully each month and brings strong tenors and bass for all to praise and worship. 

We have no limitations on the variety of music we render.  There is no age limits with the Unity Choir we come together and get our musical praise on and are excited to bless God as one musical body.   We minister through song to prepare hearts, minds and souls to receive the mighty Word of God.  If interested in becoming a part of any of these ministries please see any one of the music staff for details.  

*Ushers Ministries*

 "I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness."                                                                                                                                     Psalm 84:10


Aim:  To serve the Lord Jesus, through the service we render to humanity.0

 Motto:  Ready to serve.  "Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance:  for ye serve the Lord Christ."                                                               Colossians 3:24


The Usher's Ministry work diligently to make every service an orderly and worshipful experience.  We provide assistance to the Pastor, members, and visitors throughout the worship service.  As ushers, we are committed, to show love as we greet everyone who enters the sanctuary with warm hearty smiles and welcomes as we come together to magnify our Lord and Savior.  The adult ushers serves 1st through 3rd Sunday or whenever needed and our youth serves on the 4th Sunday.  Our Usher's Ministry monthly meetings are held the second Sunday following 11:00 am worship service.  We always desire growth and in need of more ushers, if you would like to become part of this ministry please contact any current member.







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